Your Digital Face

Web Design

Your website is so important as it is the digital face of your brand! Whether you are just getting started or you already have a website that you just don’t feel is suited to your brand’s vision and goals. We can help!  We will break down the process into digestible steps and bring your vision to life.

The Process:

Phase 1: Depending on where you are based, we can either arrange to meet up to discuss your website or we can send you are super simple questionnaire asking you about your business, services, and “must-haves” for each web page. This will help to give us a clear idea of your vision and goals

Phase 2: Let’s get writing! We can work together to write and create the text content for your brand-new website. We will guide you through each page and discuss with you how to best get your message across. This step can seem very overwhelming but don’t worry we will be here to help you every step of the way.

Phase 3: Now for the exciting part! Based on our chat or your questionnaire we will begin designing the homepage of your website. We will then send it to you for review and feedback. Once you are happy with it we will start creating the rest of your website. When we have the initial draft finished we will send it to you to go through and give us every bit of feedback you have. We want you to be as detailed as possible so that your website aligns with your goals.

Phase 4: Time to optimize!! We will work some SEO magic on your site – Keyword research, competition analysis, ALT tags, meta titles, meta descriptions, and more! We will also ensure that your website is perfectly optimized for mobile and tablets.

Phase 5: It’s the big day! Once you have approved your shiny new website you are ready to show the world your flawless new digital face!

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